09:24AM PDT - The live blog begins in 37 minutes, Josh is on photos, I'm on text

09:29AM PDT - Change of plans, Josh is going to be on the Surface Pro 3 handling text

09:29AM PDT - I'll be contributing images and text, let's see how this works

09:33AM PDT - 28 minutes to go

09:33AM PDT - Sorry for the mixup with initial post ordering, Josh tried to break the engine

09:34AM PDT - Oops. I'll be on text, hi everybody.

09:37AM PDT - Josh is experimenting with different kickstand positions

09:38AM PDT - Josh on the Surface Pro 3: this is totally viable I think

09:38AM PDT - WiFi is ok: http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/3538576875

09:39AM PDT - This is turning into our Surface Pro 3 review

09:40AM PDT - Back to the Mac

09:43AM PDT - If it hasn't been said enough by now, WWDC is definitely going to be a software show this time around

09:44AM PDT - Broadwell ULT parts won't be available until September timeframe, so it's too early for an official rMBA release

09:45AM PDT - It's too early for iPhone 6, too early for iPad Air next

09:46AM PDT - 15 minutes until showtime!

09:48AM PDT - We're both on text right now, for the most part it'll be Josh on text once the thing gets started

09:52AM PDT - 9 minutes until start time

09:52AM PDT - Anand here back on text, so can we talk about CarPlay integration with Ferrari and in general?

09:52AM PDT - The experience didn't look particularly Apple-like from the Geneva videos I saw

09:53AM PDT - I feel like getting into automotive without going all in becomes a major challenge

09:53AM PDT - But Apple doesn't strike me as the type of company to start building reference iOS platforms for auto makers

09:54AM PDT - Then again I felt strongly that Apple wouldn't build its own microprocessor architecture at one point

09:55AM PDT - Auto makers have proven that they don't understand user interfaces or UI performance

09:55AM PDT - And 5-year development cycles are a pain to deal with

09:55AM PDT - If Apple wants to deliver a truly differentiated experience there, I feel like there needs to either be a hardware play or a strict set of requirements

09:56AM PDT - 5 minutes until we start

10:01AM PDT - Lights dimming, audience clapping

10:01AM PDT - We're a-go

10:02AM PDT - Staring with a video about apps and how developers are stereotyped

10:04AM PDT - Baseball is apparently a place where apps can serve a purpose by analyzing a swing

10:05AM PDT - Robotic prosthetic hand plugs into an app on iOS

10:06AM PDT - Definitely a long intro video for WWDC, highlighting the focus of this as a very developer centric show

10:06AM PDT - Tim Cook is on stage now -Josh

10:06AM PDT - "Good morning and welcome to San Francisco"

10:07AM PDT - "25th anniversary of the conference"

10:08AM PDT - More statistics about WWDC

10:08AM PDT - Youngest dev is 13

10:09AM PDT - Student scholars are apparently here on a scholarship

10:09AM PDT - 9M developers up 50% from last year

10:09AM PDT - most developers ever added in a single year

10:09AM PDT - OS X and iOS are the focus for this

10:09AM PDT - "you're going to see how they've been engineered to work seamlessly together"

10:09AM PDT - "mother of all releases for all developers"

10:09AM PDT - "we've dedicated an entire section of the presentation just for this"

10:10AM PDT - OS X first, YoY growth of Macs is going up 12% while PC is -5%

10:10AM PDT - Over 80M installs of OS X

10:10AM PDT - "Mavericks has done really great"

10:11AM PDT - Rehashing the key features of Mavericks, over 40M copies

10:11AM PDT - User adoption of Mavericks is 51%, fastest adoption rate ever of any PC OS

10:11AM PDT - Windows comparison is happening, Windows 8 adoption is at 14% when launching a year earlier

10:11AM PDT - "Need I say more?"

10:12AM PDT - "we could not be happier with Mavericks"

10:12AM PDT - Craig is on stage now

10:14AM PDT - Time for a new codename. New OS X codename is Yosemite

10:14AM PDT - Key points are interface, apps, continuity

10:14AM PDT - OS X design started with aqua, evolved through now

10:15AM PDT - New video about the design of Yosemite

10:15AM PDT - New typeface

10:15AM PDT - The dock is apparently changed and iconography is new as well

10:15AM PDT - Flatter interface, looks like iOS7 in some ways

10:16AM PDT - Started with fundamental controls like the window buttons and window structure

10:16AM PDT - Translucency to show place like iOS&

10:16AM PDT - A bit of translucency to change the color of the windows based on wallpaper

10:17AM PDT - Also applied to when overlay happens over multiple windows

10:17AM PDT - New iconography is much flatter

10:17AM PDT - Consistent typography

10:17AM PDT - Pro users want to focus on the center of the screen so they introduced a dark mode

10:18AM PDT - Facetime and iMessage and Reminders all have a sidebar interface

10:18AM PDT - To make the application more focused

10:18AM PDT - Notification center is next

10:18AM PDT - Dark translucent, tight type, and Today view for notification center

10:19AM PDT - You can extend the Today view with apps and widgets from third parties

10:19AM PDT - "That is notification center"

10:19AM PDT - Spotlight is next

10:19AM PDT - Yosemite changes it so that the search bar is centered and large, can launch apps much faster or in line preview

10:19AM PDT - Local and internet sources

10:20AM PDT - Quick demo of the UI in Yosemite

10:20AM PDT - Titlebar reacts to the content below in the app

10:20AM PDT - Calendar has a new look, has a day view that's new

10:21AM PDT - "Let's look at messages"

10:21AM PDT - Translucent sidebar reacts to the messages underneath it, titlebar reacts as well

10:21AM PDT - Today view is also interactive with widgets

10:22AM PDT - The word widget keeps coming up, does this mean anything for iOS?

10:22AM PDT - Spotlight basically works like Google search on Android

10:22AM PDT - It adds events and reminders as well

10:23AM PDT - They're searching for docs by app as well

10:23AM PDT - So you can see the recent documents opened in an application in the search app

10:23AM PDT - Spotlight does live conversion of units

10:24AM PDT - Drag and drop right into the document for ease of conversion/use

10:24AM PDT - Wiki, news, maps, and such from a single search query

10:24AM PDT - You can search up food and get search results from maps, etc

10:24AM PDT - You can also search a movie and get showtimes and local theaters and streamable content from iTunes

10:25AM PDT - End of demo

10:25AM PDT - iCloud Drive is happening

10:25AM PDT - Documents in the cloud can be accessed from Finder

10:26AM PDT - You can synchronize iOS apps across Macs now

10:26AM PDT - All can be accessed from iOS and Windows as well

10:26AM PDT - Mail has changed too

10:26AM PDT - "Elegant new Yosemite-style UI"

10:27AM PDT - Oh man, fast switching between mailboxes and fast syncing in Yosimite mail, so necessary

10:27AM PDT - Mail Drop fixes attachment size issues in email

10:27AM PDT - Can be sent through iCloud seamlessly

10:27AM PDT - Up to five gigs in size for attachments

10:27AM PDT - Markup is also changed

10:28AM PDT - You can doodle on your mail attachments such as PDFs and images

10:28AM PDT - You can sign PDFs on the trackpad

10:28AM PDT - Safari is changed too

10:28AM PDT - Safari UI is now just a single bar so more room for content

10:28AM PDT - You can bring back your old favorites bar

10:29AM PDT - Spotlight search also integrated

10:29AM PDT - Sharing button is also added, can subscribe to RSS from the browser with one button

10:29AM PDT - You can also share a link to messages in one click

10:29AM PDT - Tabs are better because you can see a birds-eye view

10:30AM PDT - Privacy is now improved, you can create private window on the fly

10:30AM PDT - Private window is sandboxed

10:30AM PDT - Independent private browsing windows now

10:30AM PDT - WebGL, for 3D graphics, HTML5 for premium video so you can stream from Netflix without plugins

10:30AM PDT - Up to 2 hours longer on Netflix using Safari

10:31AM PDT - Safari is the most efficiency by far, DOM performance is faster too

10:31AM PDT - Javascript is also the fastest

10:31AM PDT - "6.5x typical JS performance advantage over other browsers"

10:32AM PDT - There's also stacked view for tabs on the same website for helicopter view

10:32AM PDT - Instant access to favorites from search

10:32AM PDT - Spotlight suggestion can insert itself into the Safari search bar

10:33AM PDT - No matter how many tabs are open, scrolling is smooth

10:33AM PDT - Sorry for some slow typing the Surface Pro 3 trackpad is annoying at times

10:33AM PDT - Can now smooth scroll through tabs, looks like a trackpad gesture while hovering over the tab bar

10:34AM PDT - Sharing in Safari is easy, recent recipient feature lets you send it to people through iMessage or Mail, can add MarkUp for fast editing in Mail

10:34AM PDT - Live demo shows annotation of an image

10:34AM PDT - You can do a zoom effect on an image and then use the trackpad to draw on the image

10:35AM PDT - It recognizes that an arrow is drawn and does interpolation to make it look better

10:35AM PDT - You can make cartoon bubbles through the same method

10:36AM PDT - Now talking about Continuity, a new feature in Yosemite

10:36AM PDT - AirDrop now works between iOS and the MAc

10:36AM PDT - Airdrop now works between iOS and the mac

10:37AM PDT - Continuity brings HandOff

10:37AM PDT - You can pickup on work from the Mac from an iPad

10:37AM PDT - Swipe gesture to bring up the same application and open work on iPad

10:38AM PDT - Or you can compose email on phone and then go to Mac and finish composition in seamless manner

10:38AM PDT - Just a notification on the dock

10:38AM PDT - Creating a hotspot is also simple, it will automatically enroll on the phone for wifi hotspot if mac is without wifi

10:38AM PDT - No need to enter a password or anything, no need to turn on the hotspot

10:39AM PDT - SMS is also continuous now with Mac and iOS

10:39AM PDT - Very interesting, you can do SMS on a Mac now

10:39AM PDT - Same for phone calls, just need your phone somewhere

10:39AM PDT - You can use your Mac as a speakerphone

10:40AM PDT - This works even if your phone is across the house

10:40AM PDT - Ok Continuity is pretty badass

10:40AM PDT - Phonecalls work from both receiving and making calls

10:40AM PDT - Live demo of continuity

10:40AM PDT - HandOff is first feature

10:40AM PDT - Composing an email on iPhone, handoff to the mac just takes a click to bring up the same message

10:41AM PDT - Phone call/SMS integration across OS X and iOS is awesome, such an important step in the evolution of things

10:41AM PDT - Works in other direction, takes a text message from the mac and easily brought up on iPad

10:41AM PDT - Used Safari for this demo, no word on 3rd party plug in

10:42AM PDT - Phonecall is being screened from the desktop

10:42AM PDT - He makes a call by clicking on a phone number on a webpage on the Mac

10:43AM PDT - He's calling Dr Dre

10:43AM PDT - Dre is on speakerphone

10:44AM PDT - Yosemite conclusion: New UI, better apps, and continuity

10:44AM PDT - A solid evolution on Mavericks

10:44AM PDT - Available to devs today

10:45AM PDT - Everyone else gets it in the fall for free

10:45AM PDT - Public beta during the summer

10:45AM PDT - Can sign up for access soon

10:45AM PDT - Back to Tim Cook

10:46AM PDT - iOS is next

10:46AM PDT - Well over 800M iOS devices

10:46AM PDT - Each category has set its own sales records

10:46AM PDT - iPod touch past 100M iPad past 200M iPhone past 500M

10:46AM PDT - New Apple customers in the last year over 130M

10:47AM PDT - Many switched from Android apprently

10:47AM PDT - "They bought an Android phone by mistake and sought a better experience... and a better life"

10:47AM PDT - Nearly half of our customers in China in the past six months switched from Android to iPhone

10:47AM PDT - iOS 7 took the experience to a higher level

10:48AM PDT - 97% satisfaction with iOS7

10:48AM PDT - OTA updates are available to as many customers as possible

10:48AM PDT - 89% installed iOS7

10:48AM PDT - 11% on other versions

10:49AM PDT - Only 9% on 4.4 KK

10:49AM PDT - Over a third are still on Gingerbread

10:49AM PDT - Security updates aren't available for Android users, apparently 99% of malware made for Android

10:50AM PDT - iOS 8 is announced

10:50AM PDT - "Giant release"

10:51AM PDT - Great end user features and incredible developer features

10:51AM PDT - You can build new apps that weren't possible before

10:51AM PDT - UX is first, Craig is back

10:51AM PDT - Builds on iOS7

10:51AM PDT - Notification center is refined

10:52AM PDT - Interactive notifications so you can reply to messages without having to leave an app

10:52AM PDT - Works for all kinds of notifications

10:52AM PDT - Works on lockscreen too

10:52AM PDT - Multitasking can be used to use recent people access

10:52AM PDT - Tabview also comes to iPAd

10:52AM PDT - Sidebar from Yosemite is in iOS 8 too

10:53AM PDT - Mail can have mark unread with a single gesture, or flag, or delete

10:53AM PDT - Email composer can be swiped down to view inbox

10:53AM PDT - and then you swipe right back up to go back to composer

10:53AM PDT - Live demo on iPhone

10:54AM PDT - You can swipe across calendar event on lockscreen to accept or decline invitations

10:54AM PDT - Notification swipe down on text to write messages without leaving music

10:54AM PDT - You can flick away notification too

10:54AM PDT - Third party integration for this system

10:55AM PDT - You can automatically call or message or Facetime contacts from multitasking UI

10:55AM PDT - Mail is on iPad

10:55AM PDT - Dinner appointment in mail is automatically suggested for calendar add event

10:55AM PDT - Demo of swipe to unread, flag, delete

10:56AM PDT - Compose feature is demoed as well

10:56AM PDT - Starts replying to message, swipes down composer, goes back to inbox message, copies text, goes back to composer to paste

10:57AM PDT - Spotlight is next for iOS

10:57AM PDT - Pull down on homescreen to launch apps, search email, and also get app store suggestion, points of interest

10:57AM PDT - Also news, resataurants, songs on iTunes or local

10:58AM PDT - Movies also for local theaters and streaming suggestions

10:58AM PDT - You can get at a glance suggestions from Spotlight

10:58AM PDT - New keyboard using QuickType technology

10:58AM PDT - Autocorrect is dramatically improved, predictive typing like SwiftKIey

10:59AM PDT - SwifKey, sorry for typo

10:59AM PDT - Smart and context sensitive for this new keyboard

10:59AM PDT - It will read messages and give suggestions based on context

10:59AM PDT - It will also learn how you type to certain people

11:00AM PDT - Apple says no tracking of keystrokes online and strong privacy protection

11:00AM PDT - Continuity again on iOS 8

11:00AM PDT - You can do instant hotspot on iPad using iPHone

11:00AM PDT - Messages is the most frequently used app on iOS

11:00AM PDT - You can take calls, send texts, etc through iPad if on iPhone

11:01AM PDT - add and remove people, name thread, end notifications on per thread basis and leave threads on demand

11:01AM PDT - Can share location to people within iMessage

11:01AM PDT - You can see a picture/attachment view

11:01AM PDT - Also can press on mic button and dictate, then swipe up to stop and send

11:01AM PDT - Live demo of Messages app

11:02AM PDT - He goes straight into messages from lock screen, then opens details button

11:02AM PDT - Shows location of people in the thread that choose to share location

11:03AM PDT - He can share his location for a certain amount of time or infinitely until stopped

11:03AM PDT - Do not disturb button temporarily turns off notifications for a thread

11:03AM PDT - Details tab also shows all attachments in one view

11:03AM PDT - Can do audio or video message with just a swipe

11:04AM PDT - No transcription in this case

11:05AM PDT - It will automatically delete the audio or video with a certain timeframe to save space or you can keep it

11:05AM PDT - Can listen to audio messages or reply to them from the lockscreen

11:06AM PDT - Automatically records when you raise the phone to the head, sends when you lower the phone

11:06AM PDT - End of demo

11:06AM PDT - iCloud Drive is next

11:07AM PDT - You can also work across applications to open documents from other applications in iCloud Drive

11:07AM PDT - No versioning problems, can access from Mac and Windows

11:07AM PDT - Enterprise is next

11:07AM PDT - 98% of the Fortune 500 use iOS

11:08AM PDT - iOS tailored apps, and Enterprise management features are key

11:08AM PDT - Device enrollment program means you can configure without taking the phone out of the box

11:09AM PDT - Passcode protection of apps as needed

11:09AM PDT - VIP threads mean you can get notifications on email messages

11:09AM PDT - Automatic reply for out of office in Mail

11:09AM PDT - Third party document providers are supported

11:09AM PDT - Can manage books and PDFs for education/enterprise

11:10AM PDT - Health is next

11:10AM PDT - Samsung did Voice of the Body, time to see what happens here

11:10AM PDT - iOS brings an app that integrates health info with HealthKit

11:10AM PDT - Health app will show all of the metrics that are gathered

11:11AM PDT - It can plug into third party applications for extra health information

11:11AM PDT - You can track running/fitness, blood pressure, heart rate, etc.

11:12AM PDT - The application can do live notification of doctor at health care facility when certain measurements are out of spec for the patient

11:12AM PDT - One example is Mayo Clinic app

11:12AM PDT - Epic systems and other partners to integrate into HealthKit so more doctors can see info

11:12AM PDT - "That is Health"

11:12AM PDT - Family sharing is up next

11:13AM PDT - It's now very easy to set up family sharing to share photos, calendars, reminder lists, and auto configure find my friends/iPhone

11:14AM PDT - It's now possible to share apps and media bought in iTunes with family members

11:14AM PDT - Up to six family members who share the same credit card

11:14AM PDT - Works great for kids because you can require prompting on parent device if buying from a child's device

11:14AM PDT - Next is photos

11:15AM PDT - Merging photos with iCloud

11:15AM PDT - Every photo you take is available on all iOS devices

11:15AM PDT - Common organization and edits and can view photos over the air to avoid filling local storage

11:15AM PDT - You can also search photos based on location, date, etc

11:16AM PDT - You can also search for albums

11:16AM PDT - New editing tools for light and color, along with auto straightening and cropping

11:16AM PDT - Live demo of photos

11:17AM PDT - I wonder how many photos can be stored in the cloud and what deletion policies exist

11:17AM PDT - He uses editing tools to fix levels for light in an underexposed photo

11:17AM PDT - Under the hood it's automatically changing brightness, contrast, shadows, etc. based on smart image anlysis

11:17AM PDT - The same is true for colors

11:18AM PDT - Shows before and after view

11:19AM PDT - Just showed how favorites live sync across devices in photos

11:19AM PDT - Temporary drop in connection, sorry for the delay

11:20AM PDT - Photos apps on the Mac, looks like iOS application

11:20AM PDT - Same editing tools on Mac photos as iOS photos

11:20AM PDT - You can see real time adjustment of the sliders

11:20AM PDT - Can do the same for color, no need to change sliders manually

11:21AM PDT - End of demo

11:21AM PDT - Can also see photos on Windows via iCloud. Original format and full resolution

11:21AM PDT - First 5 GB for free, then 20 gb for 99cents a month

11:22AM PDT - Siri now recognizes songs using Shazam, iTunes purchases through Siri as well, and streaming voice recognition for live preview of dictation

11:22AM PDT - 22 new dictation languages

11:23AM PDT - Greatly improved maps and turn by turn, along with lunar calendar and new prediction/weather data for China

11:23AM PDT - Now on to Enterprise, Tim is back

11:23AM PDT - Scratch that, developers

11:23AM PDT - New apps that weren't possible before

11:24AM PDT - Over 1.2M apps in app store

11:24AM PDT - 300M visitors to app store every week

11:24AM PDT - They're downloading apps, over 75B app downloads

11:24AM PDT - A number of new features starting with explore tab to find new apps

11:25AM PDT - Trending searches are also a thing

11:25AM PDT - scrolling results that are continuous, with related search suggestions

11:25AM PDT - Editors' choice logos to show good apps

11:25AM PDT - App bundles are also here to buy multiple apps for one price (presumably discounted compared to a single one)

11:26AM PDT - App previews mean you can make short videos of some great features

11:26AM PDT - Helps to make the user certain of the app quality

11:26AM PDT - TestFlight is the new beta test service in app store

11:26AM PDT - Lets you have users beta test from the app store for free

11:26AM PDT - Many more features to come throughout WWDC

11:27AM PDT - Everything will be available in the fall

11:27AM PDT - SDK is up next

11:27AM PDT - Superman/Craig is back to talk up the SDK

11:27AM PDT - "Clearly some kind of endurance training thing"

11:28AM PDT - Over 400 new dev APIs

11:28AM PDT - Extensibility is first

11:28AM PDT - apps from the app store can connect with apps as a service

11:28AM PDT - Sandbox/security means that this was previously not possible

11:29AM PDT - Apple builds on sandbox, other applications can request and receive data from other sandboxes via API in IOS

11:29AM PDT - An app could do live translation of a web page, etc

11:30AM PDT - Widgets are happening in notification center

11:30AM PDT - Time for live demo of photo filters

11:30AM PDT - Can use VSCO cam to add filters or manipulate filter through the Apple photos interface

11:31AM PDT - No need to ever go to another app

11:31AM PDT - Widgets are next, in Today view

11:31AM PDT - An app can put in a notification widget for Today view

11:31AM PDT - You can see data like sports team scores at a glance

11:31AM PDT - Interactive widget from Ebay demoed, you can bid from the notification screen

11:32AM PDT - Next up is Safari

11:32AM PDT - Goes to Japaneses web page, uses Bing extension to do live translation in the webpage

11:33AM PDT - Then he automatically posts to Pinterest of a specific image within Safari as a popup

11:33AM PDT - End of that demo

11:33AM PDT - One key extension, third party keyboards

11:33AM PDT - This means SwiftKey and Swype can be used across the entire system

11:34AM PDT - TouchID is next

11:34AM PDT - TouchID 83% use it on iPhone 5s

11:35AM PDT - Third party apps can now use TouchID for authentication, unlocks keychain items but won't reveal data to apps

11:35AM PDT - Remains secure

11:35AM PDT - Camera is next, camera API exposes exposure, white balance, exposure

11:35AM PDT - Faster perf, can read and write library, etc

11:36AM PDT - Fired off a bunch of improvements to camera

11:36AM PDT - HomeKit is next

11:36AM PDT - You can use the iPhone to control hone automation systems using a common network protocol and secure pairing

11:37AM PDT - You can group devices and change multiple things on the fly

11:37AM PDT - Siri can automatically set certain tasks in home integration

11:37AM PDT - CloudKit is next

11:37AM PDT - Had to write two apps before for server-side and client-side

11:38AM PDT - CloudKit is a new API replaces server-side code, effectively free

11:38AM PDT - 3D graphics is next

11:38AM PDT - Called metal

11:38AM PDT - YES! New 3D API

11:39AM PDT - OpenGL ES is standard on iOS

11:39AM PDT - OpenGL is a layer of overhead, so iOS will fix that

11:39AM PDT - Means you can get much closer to the metal to increase perf, up to 10x draw call rates

11:39AM PDT - Also can use GPU for compute, supports multitthreading and precompiled shaders

11:40AM PDT - Apple is working with many gaming partners for metal

11:40AM PDT - Live demo of a console level title running on iOS

11:40AM PDT - Over 1.3M triangles, depth of field effects, using Frostbite console engine on mobile

11:40AM PDT - Crytek can do 4000 drawcalls per frame for some games

11:41AM PDT - Tim Sweeney on stage now

11:41AM PDT - He's worked with metal, live demo of zen grden

11:42AM PDT - A ton of materials on screen without slowdown

11:42AM PDT - Hundreds of fish can do AI without lag

11:43AM PDT - Can have a 3500 butterflies to do AI and animations

11:43AM PDT - Prior to metal, this was basically impossible

11:44AM PDT - As iOS 8 launches Zen Garden will come to app store

11:44AM PDT - Sorry for some of the typos trying to keep up at times

11:44AM PDT - Casual gaming is next, with SpriteKit

11:44AM PDT - Supports light forces, field forces, per pixel physics, and inverse kinematics for animation

11:45AM PDT - SceneKit is new to iOS 8

11:45AM PDT - Adds 3D, new physics engine, particles, and scripting

11:45AM PDT - XCode is next

11:45AM PDT - One of the most popular pro apps on the platform, downloaded 14M times

11:45AM PDT - Objective C is used in XCode

11:46AM PDT - New language is happening

11:46AM PDT - New programming language called Swift

11:46AM PDT - "totally rules"

11:46AM PDT - Swift is even faster than Objective C

11:47AM PDT - Especially in complex object sort, RC4 encryption

11:47AM PDT - Closures, generics, type inference, multiple returns, and namespaces

11:47AM PDT - the crowd just went wild

11:48AM PDT - You can reduce a common pattern into a line, many programming errors is impossible

11:48AM PDT - Can run alongside Objective C and C in an application

11:48AM PDT - New feature called Playgrounds

11:49AM PDT - Live demo, runs code as it is written for a live preview

11:49AM PDT - Infers what you want to do

11:49AM PDT - In XCode that is

11:49AM PDT - Can use Metal, etc.

11:50AM PDT - Loads a resource/image with live preview based on code

11:50AM PDT - Generics allow a lot to be done with little code

11:50AM PDT - Can apply closure and load a list of images with one line of code with live preview

11:51AM PDT - Swift can visualize history of a value over the time of a run

11:51AM PDT - Can change code and get live preview of what will happen as code changes

11:52AM PDT - Immediate feedback on code, Swift enables this

11:52AM PDT - Can insert APIs and seamlessly add effects

11:52AM PDT - Can also pause and slow-motion run the preview

11:53AM PDT - Showing finished product on iOS without any problems

11:53AM PDT - SceneKit meant it's easy to build a 3D version of the game demoed

11:54AM PDT - Complete Xcode support, language guide, reference documentation, and easy day-one app submission of Swift-coded apps

11:55AM PDT - Review of everything in iOS 8

11:55AM PDT - Available to all devs for beta today

11:55AM PDT - Available for consumers in fall

11:56AM PDT - Emphasizing harmony of devices, continuous experience across all products

11:57AM PDT - "Only Apple can do this"

11:57AM PDT - Thousands of people that made things possible for this

11:58AM PDT - and we're done! Thanks for reading!

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  • Zink - Monday, June 2, 2014 - link

    I still don't know who is on text...
  • Zink - Monday, June 2, 2014 - link

    Oh I've got it, Josh is on text. Looks like you need a Macbook Air, I hope they mention a next gen Macbook Air.
  • colonelclaw - Monday, June 2, 2014 - link

    Don't get your hopes up - isn't this conference normally all about the software? (the clue is in the title!)
  • kron123456789 - Monday, June 2, 2014 - link

    LoL they made Metal and new programming language just for continue installing 1GB RAM in their devices)))
  • Dman23 - Monday, June 2, 2014 - link

    This looks like it's going to be a GREAT release. Can't wait!
  • Aikouka - Monday, June 2, 2014 - link

    I would be rather interested to see what an Apple infotainment system would look like. However, I think one of the most important aspects is definitely the human interface. How do we control it? I've found that controlling the head unit tends to be painful, tedious and all-around cumbersome. For example, if I want to scroll through a large list, I need something more like a mouse wheel that I can scroll quickly. While I'm scrolling quickly, all I want to see on the screen is the first letter of the current entry (e.g. 'M' for "Music"). We also need to get rid of this ancient poke-to-move navigation system. I have MyFord Touch in my car, but I almost never use the navigation, because it's too difficult to use quickly compared to my phone. Part of that is the speed (it takes some time to even come up) and having to poke to move around. So, when I'm just looking for a quicker route to get somewhere, I'd rather pull over and get out my phone.
  • colonelclaw - Monday, June 2, 2014 - link

    Those are good points. Whether we like it or not, Apple has become the technology world's design bureaux. A better car interface is what we all need right now. Almost every one I've ever tried, from my mum's humble Hyundai, my friend's Prius, to my brother's massive Jaguar (he's rich, I'm not!) has an utterly crap interface.
  • VengenceIsMine - Monday, June 2, 2014 - link

    97% satisfaction rating?? Come on, that's obviously a slanted stat in some way, nothing in the computer industry ever gets anywhere near that kind of consensus. It's too much like a Russian sham 'election', douchebag dictator gets 97% of the vote......
  • repoman27 - Monday, June 2, 2014 - link

    It's derived from studies such as those performed by ChangeWave Research which poll several hundred customers and ask them whether they would rate their overall satisfaction with their device as "Very Satisfied", "Somewhat Satisfied", "Somewhat Unsatisfied" or "Very Unsatisfied". When you total the first two groups for participants with devices running iOS 7, apparently you arrive at 97%.

    Customers vote with their dollars, and the results of the ballot are the respective market shares. This is more like asking people after they just voted how satisfied they are with the way they cast their vote.
  • Deelron - Monday, June 2, 2014 - link

    One quibble, the result of the ballot is most definitely not market share, many times cost is a much, much greater factor in market share then satisfaction (and sometimes it's a major factor in both). I'd suspect most consumers would be more satisfied with a luxury automobile if it cost the same as a moped.

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