Recently, Verizon made some waves by EOLing its entire LTE data card and personal portable hotspot line. It was pretty much obvious at that point that replacements would be announced at CES, and sure enough, today Verizon has announced two personal WiFi hotspot products. Both are nicknamed "The Verizon Jetpack," though their more formal names are the EuFi890 from ZTE and the MiFi 4620L from Novatel Wireless. 

ZTE Mobile Hotspot (Left), MiFi 4620L (Right)

Back when we reviewed both Verizon 4G LTE portable hotspots, I complained that neither included 5 GHz WLAN connectivity. While neither the EuFi890 or MiFi 4620L include 5 GHz WLAN (instead 802.11b/g/n similar to before), they do include global WCDMA and GSM/EDGE support in addition to CDMA 2000 1x/EVDO and LTE for Verizon. The MiFi is 3.76” x 2.36” x 0.53”, and the ZTE model is 3.49” x 3.49” x .70”, and both include OLED status indicators and an interactive keypad on the front. We'll doubtless be taking a look at how these fare when they're available "in the coming weeks."

Source: Verizon (ZTE), Verizon (MiFi)

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  • eanazag - Monday, January 9, 2012 - link

    I currently have a straight data card with a Cradlepoint 3G router to use my Verizon USB760 data card over WiFi. I want one of these hotspots for most daily use, but I want to be able to hook it up to a real router since I can only get 5 devices connected to this. I don't want to maintain two services nor do I want to just get the standard data card to plug into the router.

    I need the old setup for when I conduct meetings while travelling. I can't count how many times the router and data card saved my @ss. But every other day I would just like to stuff the Verizon hot spot in a coat pocket and use 4G to surf with my 3G :( iPhone, 3G :( iPad, and laptop. The 3G experience on a tablet leaves a lot to be desired.
  • Brian Klug - Monday, January 9, 2012 - link

    Hopefully this next set of 4G LTE USB dongles (which still aren't announced yet apparently) bring compatibility with some of the routers designed to accommodate current 3G WCDMA dongles.


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