07:51AM EST - Huawei has once again rented out the Italian Pavilion here in Barcelona for its annual Mobile World Congress press event. We're expecting to see CEO Richard Yu on stage talk about the next generation of Huawei technology, including 5G and the leaked Mate X.

07:52AM EST - 10 minutes to go

07:59AM EST - One minute

08:00AM EST - As with last year, looks like 3000+ people in the venue

08:01AM EST - Here we go

08:02AM EST - Richard Yu to the stage, CEO of Huawei CBG

08:02AM EST - World's leadign ICT and technology solution provider

08:02AM EST - Talk today is Connecting the Future

08:03AM EST - 2018 - $52b+, with 206+ million smartphones

08:03AM EST - That's just the Consumer Business Group for Huawei

08:03AM EST - 3m smartphones in 2010, 206m in 2018

08:03AM EST - $4.5b revenue in 2010, up to $52+ in 2080

08:04AM EST - Increased brand recognition

08:04AM EST - Smart device 100M+ units in 2018

08:05AM EST - Every year, huge resource in R&D

08:05AM EST - More than $5b on R&D

08:05AM EST - Leading on smartphone battery life and fast charging

08:06AM EST - Bringing more solutions to connect the future

08:06AM EST - Huawei Matebook X Pro

08:06AM EST - Last year, launched first gen

08:06AM EST - Very good consumer feedback

08:07AM EST - Best laptop, best design, awarded from media

08:07AM EST - 4x increase in flagship unit sales in 2018 vs 2017

08:07AM EST - New Matebook X Pro for 2019, borderless experience

08:08AM EST - Ultimate Design, Innovative Technology, Intelligent Experience

08:08AM EST - New logo on the back

08:08AM EST - Space Grey and Mystic Silver

08:09AM EST - 14.6mm to 4.9mm thick

08:09AM EST - 91% Fullview Display

08:09AM EST - 3:2 aspect ratio

08:10AM EST - 3000x2000 resolution, low power panel, 450 nits brightness 100% sRGB. 260 PPI, touch screen

08:11AM EST - 1733 Mbps Wi-Fi : using Intel 802.11ac Wave 2

08:11AM EST - Thunderbolt 3 at full speed - 40 Gbps

08:11AM EST - Supports external graphics

08:11AM EST - Intel to the stage

08:13AM EST - Intel wants to power every PC vision

08:13AM EST - Foundation is 8th Gen Core

08:14AM EST - 8th gen offers Performance, Battery, Gigabit Wi-Fi, and Thunderbolt-3

08:14AM EST - Richard back to the stage

08:14AM EST - Matebook X Pro gets the MX250

08:14AM EST - up to 3.5x better than integrated graphics

08:15AM EST - Fingerprint sensor in the power button as before

08:15AM EST - quad speaker

08:16AM EST - Huawei Share - file sharing between smartphones and PC int he past

08:16AM EST - Share between smartphone and matebook with one tap

08:17AM EST - transfer photos up to 30 MB/s

08:18AM EST - Finger gesture screenshot

08:19AM EST - use three fingers on the screen to take a screenshot

08:19AM EST - It's worth noting that this feature is not coming to US markets

08:21AM EST - Time for a demo

08:22AM EST - Also, sharing a clipboard between phone and PC

08:23AM EST - Also, some text recognition

08:23AM EST - Share the screen between devices

08:24AM EST - Core i7-8565U

08:24AM EST - LTPS Touchscreen

08:24AM EST - Matebook Family is Matebook X, Matebook D, Matebook E

08:24AM EST - now the Matebook 13 and Matebook 14

08:25AM EST - Matebook 13 launched at CES, has sold very well

08:25AM EST - 13 and 14 have high screen to body ratio

08:25AM EST - MAtebook 14 has recessed camera

08:26AM EST - 14-inch, 2160x1440

08:26AM EST - 100% sRGB

08:26AM EST - MX250 in TDP 25W mode

08:27AM EST - 57.4 Wh

08:27AM EST - 15hr video, 10.5hr web

08:27AM EST - USB 2.0/3.0, USB-C, HDMI on Matebook 14

08:28AM EST - Also supports Huawei Share and One Hop

08:28AM EST - New Matebook X Pro and Matebook 13/14

08:28AM EST - Now for Connected Home for 5G

08:29AM EST - World's first 5G CPE Pro

08:29AM EST - Works with Backhaul and sub-6 GHz

08:29AM EST - Wi-Fi 6 enabled

08:29AM EST - It's basically an access point

08:29AM EST - 4.6 Gbps theoretical, 3.2 Gbps live rate

08:30AM EST - Balong 5000 chipset

08:30AM EST - Wi-Fi 6 enables 2x coverage and 4x speed

08:30AM EST - 802.11ax 4T4R

08:31AM EST - Huawei HiLink

08:31AM EST - Also outdoor CPE - supports POE

08:31AM EST - IP65

08:32AM EST - Huawei 5G Mobile Wi-Fi

08:32AM EST - 8000 mAh battery

08:32AM EST - wireless charging

08:32AM EST - Now for smartphones

08:33AM EST - Reimagined Breakthoughts

08:34AM EST - It's a foldable

08:34AM EST - Mate X

08:34AM EST - World's fastest foldable 5G phone

08:35AM EST - Opens up to an 8-inch display

08:35AM EST - Side fingerprint

08:35AM EST - No notch

08:35AM EST - It has what looks like a handle

08:35AM EST - *Fastest based on sub-6 downlink speeds

08:36AM EST - 6.6-inch 2480x1148 on front

08:36AM EST - Back is 2480x892 6.38-inch

08:36AM EST - No notch

08:36AM EST - 2480x2200 8-inch when it is opened

08:37AM EST - It's a truly nromal phone at the front. Compared to 4.6-inch in Samsung Fold

08:38AM EST - 8-inch when open, compared to 7.2-inch for fold. Fold has cut out for notch

08:38AM EST - Falcon Wing design for the hinge

08:39AM EST - Working on it for three years

08:39AM EST - True back-to-back fold with no gap

08:40AM EST - Patented hinge with over 100 components

08:40AM EST - 5.4mm thick

08:41AM EST - Thinner than an iPad. Fold is 6.9mm

08:41AM EST - When folded. Mate X is 11mm, Fold is 17mm

08:41AM EST - Power Type-C is in the side bar

08:42AM EST - Bar makes it easier to hold

08:42AM EST - Easier for work, easier for reading

08:43AM EST - Side-by-side browsing experience

08:43AM EST - Multi-task interaction

08:43AM EST - Side by side apps

08:43AM EST - Use the camera for both selfie and normal photos

08:44AM EST - Best-in-class selfie with Leica camera

08:44AM EST - Edge-to-edge photo experience

08:44AM EST - when in open mode

08:44AM EST - Mirror shooting taken in real time

08:45AM EST - Only one color : interstellar blue

08:45AM EST - Full protection case

08:45AM EST - Comes with the phone

08:46AM EST - Device will have 5G

08:46AM EST - Balong 5000

08:46AM EST - First 7nm 2G to 5G modem

08:46AM EST - NSA and SA nework arch

08:46AM EST - Supports sub-6 and mmWave

08:47AM EST - Kirin 980 + Balong 5000

08:47AM EST - Quad 5G Antenna design

08:47AM EST - mmWave support confirmed

08:48AM EST - 4.6 Gbps on sub-6 GHz

08:48AM EST - 1GB Movie in 3 seconds

08:48AM EST - User Plane Integrity Potection

08:48AM EST - 5G for backup and security

08:49AM EST - First smartphone to support NSA and SA Network Architecture

08:49AM EST - SA = Standalone, NSA = Non Standalone

08:49AM EST - Dual NanoSIM

08:50AM EST - SIM 1 is 5G, SIM 2 is NM Card

08:50AM EST - 4500 mAh battery

08:51AM EST - 55W Super Charge

08:51AM EST - (that's split between two cells, and then probably only works in open mode)

08:51AM EST - Lightning Speed Charging - 85% in 30 mins

08:52AM EST - 55W charge in the box

08:52AM EST - Now you can use a smartphone charger for your PC

08:53AM EST - Here's the Mate X

08:53AM EST - slimmest foldable phone, fastest 5G smartphone, 55W

08:54AM EST - Now for price and availability

08:55AM EST - Matebook X Pro, 1999 euro for high end model

08:55AM EST - 2299 Euro for Mate X

08:55AM EST - 8GB + 512 GB

08:56AM EST - Middle of 2019

08:56AM EST - Depending on network deployment

08:56AM EST - Mate 20 is getting 5G

08:56AM EST - Mate 20 X is getting 5G

08:57AM EST - That's a wrap

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  • Deptacon - Sunday, February 24, 2019 - link

    Nothing like having an entire suite of devices all connected directly to the Chinese government. Come on kids... you want some candy?
  • GC2:CS - Sunday, February 24, 2019 - link

    Apple is at least talking about something like differential privacy.
    On huawei side enhanced privacy means “innovative” notebook camera under a keycap.
    // I just can’t stand they meant that seriously. Like it was recording the whole time...
  • WatcherCK - Monday, February 25, 2019 - link

    Im not sure why China bashing has become hip, spys are going to spy that is what they are paid to do, none of which makes me feel any safer... You want secure devices, learn how to make and use them securely 😀

    Mate 20 X is a technological marvel and I cant wait for the technology to filter down to a more affordable level (but please for sake of the gods no folding screen phones with a large black hinge line please?)
  • Theron82 - Monday, March 18, 2019 - link

    Impressive. They pretty much did what I wished for a while ago when I caved and got my Kindle Oasis (1st gen). Nice handle, nice weight distribution.. I guess now the time was right. https://www.psiphon.onl
  • jvl - Monday, February 25, 2019 - link

    Impressive. They pretty much did what I wished for a while ago when I caved and got my Kindle Oasis (1st gen). Nice handle, nice weight distribution.. I guess now the time was right.

    (Note how their three years R&D coincide nicely with Oasis' release?)
    But 2300 €? Come-oooooon... well. No compromise on either side I guess
  • 5Gfun - Monday, February 25, 2019 - link

    So we know now why Huawei is hunted. They are beating everybody. Like their 5G modem is one year ahead of Qualcomm.
  • SanX - Tuesday, February 26, 2019 - link

    Poor Huaway, you've done great job with your MateX, you overfrogged Apple and Samsung creating true marvel. You deserve your $2,500 price tag.

    But I overjump you just by buying in elcheapo Walmart 2.5+ reading glasses for 2.5 dollars and with that turning my 6" phone into 12" one and back without any hinges and in no time! Try to beat me! :)
  • janetravis24 - Wednesday, April 14, 2021 - link

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  • duuude223 - Friday, February 4, 2022 - link

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