Intel has published model numbers of its upcoming Xeon E processors based on the Coffee Lake-S core. The new chips will be used in entry-level servers and workstations and will be formally introduced in the coming weeks. In addition, Intel announced plans to use a yet another test and assembly line to build its Coffee Lake chips.

It is not a secret that Intel has been planning to rebrand its entry-level Xeon processors from Xeon E3 to Xeon E with the Coffee Lake family. Now, in a document sent to customers, Intel confirmed the plan. The new CPUs will feature up to six cores, they will be compatible with motherboards based on the Intel C246 PCH, and their main differences from Intel’s consumer 8th Gen Core processors will be support for ECC, remote maintenance (Intel AMT), different frequencies, and TDP levels.

Based on the Intel publication, the Xeon E-2000 lineup of products will include at least 10 models with seven of them featuring iGPUs (they feature the G suffix in their model number).

Intel's Upcoming Xeon E-2000 CPUs
Model Number Product Code S-Spec Vertical Segment
Xeon E-2124 CM8068403654414 SR3WQ Server
Xeon E-2124G CM8068403654114 SR3WL Workstation
Xeon E-2126G CM8068403380219 SR3WU Workstation
Xeon E-2134 CM8068403654319 SR3WP Server
Xeon E-2136 CM8068403654318 SR3WW Server
Xeon E-2144G CM8068403654220 SR3WM Workstation
Xeon E-2146G CM8068403380116 SR3WT Workstation
Xeon E-2174G CM8068403654221 SR3WN Workstation
Xeon E-2176G CM8068403380018 SR3WS Workstation
Xeon E-2186G CM8068403379918 SR3WR Workstation

In a document sent to clients, Intel announced plans to use the third manufacturing facility to test and assembly its 8th Gen Core, Pentium Gold and Xeon products. The production site is located in Vietnam and will be used to build both boxed and tray versions of Intel’s Coffee Lake processors. As a part of the announcement, Intel had to disclose exact model numbers of CPUs that will be tested, assembled, and packaged in Vietnam and therefore had to disclose model numbers of the upcoming products. The document to customers indicates that the first batches of processors listed will ship on June 25, 2018.

These CPUs are expected to be formally announced in the next few weeks. When asked, Intel stated that they do not comment on rumor or speculation... despite the fact that this was from an official Intel document.

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  • boozed - Wednesday, May 30, 2018 - link

    Be still, my beating heart. Model numbers!
  • Samus - Thursday, May 31, 2018 - link

    Damn shame they aren't putting VEGA in these. Would make amazing entry-level workstation CPU's for SolidWorks if they carried over the FireGL hooks.
  • bolkhov - Friday, June 1, 2018 - link

    At first glance the last digit seems to denote a core count: E-2134 -- 4 cores, E-2136 -- 6 cores.
  • jessicaalesci - Thursday, October 4, 2018 - link

    Amazing processors i will definitely use in my workstation. Its really interesting for me to use this. with these processors my site will run more efficiently.
  • Thableaddles - Monday, November 26, 2018 - link

    The team of is going to use these processors and looking for some reviews.

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