Z-Drive 6000

Toshiba has quietly expanded its ZD6300 family of SSDs with a 7.68 TB model, its most capacious storage device announced to date. The new drive was designed for mixed workloads and uses Toshiba’s time-proven A19 eMLC NAND flash memory. Due to enhanced endurance and a lot of NAND used for overprovisioning, the SSD can be pre-ordered for approximately $12,000, depending on the seller, though its official MSRP is still unknown. The Toshiba ZD6300 7.68 TB (ZD635E020-7.68T) SSD uses PMC-Sierra’s “Princeton” controller (which is now called Flashtec NVMe PM8604 1032) with PCIe 3.0 x8 interface (which Toshiba splits into two x4 interfaces), 16 NAND flash channels and NVMe 1.1b protocol. The drive will be available in 2.5”/15 mm form-factor with U.2 connector (SFF-8639) in a bid...

OCZ Introduces Z-Drive 6000 Enterprise PCIe SSD Series with NVMe Support

Back at CES OCZ teased us by showcasing the Z-Drive 6000, but the drive was still under development, so the details were rather scarce. Today OCZ is finally lifting...

33 by Kristian Vättö on 5/20/2015

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