With faster and higher capacity HBM3e memory set to come online early in 2024, NVIDIA has been preparing its current-generation server GPU products to use the new memory. Back in August we saw NVIDIA’s plans to release an HBM3e-equipped version of the Grace Hopper GH200 superchip, and now for the SC23 tradeshow, NVIDIA is announcing their plans to bring to market an updated version of the stand-alone H100 accelerator with HBM3e memory, which the company will be calling the H200. Like its Grace Hopper counterpart, the purpose of the H200 is to serve as a mid-generation upgrade to the Hx00 product line by rolling out a version of the chip with faster and higher capacity memory. Tapping the HBM3e memory that Micron and others are...

NVIDIA Unveils Updated GH200 'Grace Hopper' Superchip with HBM3e Memory, Shipping in Q2'2024

At SIGGRAPH in Los Angeles, NVIDIA unveiled a new variant of their GH200' superchip,' which is set to be the world's first GPU chip to be equipped with HBM3e...

4 by Gavin Bonshor on 8/8/2023

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