The market for portable SSDs (PSSDs) has seen rapid growth over the past decade. Samsung is one of the active tier-one flash vendors in the space, with their popular T-series PSSDs servicing a range of target markets in terms of performance and price. Today, the company is introducing a new category in PSSDs - high-capacity flash storage limited to entry-level speeds. The company is using QLC flash for this purpose. While this is not the first PSSD in the market to use QLC flash (and it will definitely not be the last), the company is not repeating the mistakes of its predecessors by promising the moon. Instead, the company's first product in this category - the T5 EVO Portable SSD - is limited to...

Adobe Updates Flash 11.1 to support Android 4.0

Adobe has made good on its promises today by updating its Flash for Android client to support Android 4.0. The update brings Flash to and doesn't change functionality...

8 by Brian Klug on 12/15/2011

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